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"Design is a reductive process. It is taking inspiration from nature. It is how everything fits into an ecosystem and supports each other's existence. That is what I call an amazing design."

                                                                                                     Mishaal Rozina Merchant

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an interdisciplinary team investigating city morphosis as emergent from architecture, landscape, and urbanism leaving their rigid boundaries and meeting in an interdisciplinary communion to produce a more effective organization of city morphologies.


Our Guiding Principles Are

Ecology- The idea that our lives intertwine with the environment around us, and we should therefore respect this when creating an urban environment.

Infrastructure- Placing less of an emphasis on urban infrastructures that have been traditionally used, such as roads and airports, and instead relying on a more organic use of infrastructure.

Forms of Process - The idea that structures should come from more than just their physical shape and form.


Our Philosophy

Architecture is an art form that has an impact on the daily lives of Human beings. Architecture has an impact on the behavior and emotions of people. Architecture speaks to the soul. These are some of our aspirations while designing and making them tangible through space, function, form, materiality, light, scale, and proportions

Our practice of interior architecture is more than color and furniture selection. From schematics, space optimization, functional layouts, clarity, and definition of circulation spaces, we put thorough thought and effort into articulating a space to maximize its usage.


Our Expertise 

also manifests in the adaptive reuse of buildings. At a time when the construction industry was going through a standstill, our creative efforts resulted in optimizing the available structures for reuse. Which is also part of sustainable design. By recycling, a building reduces its embodied energy. This results in many retrofit buildings that give a renewed life with reduced impact on carbon footprint.


Our Goals 

Are to meet the challenges of climate change through informed decision-making in our projects for energy consumption and production, water management, and embodied energy of materials with which we work.

Contact Us

Zone C Block 7 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500, Pakistan

‎+92 21 37248522

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